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Fairview, New Jersey 07022
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Gateway Rides and Sales, a full service amusement
company, operates throughout North Eastern United
States.  We are headquartered in New Jersey just
minutes from New York City.   

We believe experience and service are the keys to our
success and continuing growth in the coin operated
amusement industry.

Experience has shown us equipment that appeals to
customers of various ages maximizes the profits from
a few feet of floor space.   Every piece of equipment
must be of the highest quality, as well as safe and
attractive.   We own and operate all of our equipment,
and are fully insured.

The ability to respond to service issues within 24 hours
is essential to our customers - the location owner and
the amusement player.

We operate equipment suitable for indoor and outdoor

We have over thirty years experience operating and
developing a mix of top income producing equipment
for our customers.  We look forward to meeting with
you and developing a vending plan to help you capture
additional income.

Tony De Marco

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